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Loss and Grief : Verlies En Verdriet

Best Practices in Provider/Parent Interactions: Lessons for Caregivers (Betty Davies);  Understanding Hispanics through their Multiple Losses (Ligia Houben); Share the Care: A Model to Provide Group Care when Someone is Ill (Sharon Lukert); When Compassion Fatigue Becomes Vicarious Trauma (Brian Shaffer); Grief Conference after a Traumatic death (Jill Wilke); Answering the “Why” Question of Suicide:Continue reading “Loss and Grief : Verlies En Verdriet”

The Power of Art Therapy

The power of art therapy. Art as a ‘coping’ mechanism during hard times. In the process of the creation of art I was able to momentarily master, tolerate and minimize the conflict and stress. A healthy form of self distraction.

What is the Difference between Psychotherapy and Counselling?

Despite the fact that the terms Counselling and Psychotherapy are used interchangeably – there are differences between the two. Counselling, often referred to as ‘talking therapy’ involves a conversation or series of conversations between the counsellor and client. It often focuses on a specific issue presented by the client and involves steps toward attempting toContinue reading “What is the Difference between Psychotherapy and Counselling?”

Lawyers Seeking Therapy or Counselling

The very nature of the legal profession makes it difficult for the lawyer to step back and ask for help – when your everyday life involves creating a perception of togetherness, strength, having the ‘smarts’ and being successful. At law school we are not taught how to look after ourselves while we carry out this sometimes very demanding work. Talking with someone who knows what you are experiencing can help to rebalance that imbalance.

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