Bi-culturele relaties en relatietherapie

Het is een gedurfde stap om van je eigen land van herkomst naar het land van herkomst van je partner te verhuizen. Er kunnen van allerlei redenen voor zijn: avontuur, werk, een beter leven of alleen voor de liefde. De uitdaging kan vaak veel moeilijker dan we verwachten. Soms is het moeilijk omdat toe te geven. We worden niet alleen geconfronteerd met het moeten aanpassen aan nieuwe omstandigheden, maar we moeten tegelijk ook het verlies verwerken van het leven dat we achterlieten. Het is goed mogelijk dat de ‘ontheemde’ partner enkele van de volgende emoties ervaart: ….

Bi-cultural Relationships and Couple’s Therapy

In therapy we can explore the emotional process of moving and of identifying or being identified as the expat. I can support you both with rediscovering hope for your new life together in relationship with each-other.

The Advantages of Co-Therapy (2×2)

Yet every relationship faces challenges: communication issues, trust, respect; demands on time and space; intimacy issues; parenthood; mid-life crises; changing values, behaviors and opinions; financial stress; and infidelity. Every relationship has its issues!
You can either make an appointment with me as solo therapist or join me along with my collague for a 2×2 session. You may be wondering what the benefits are of seeing a co-therapy team?

Loss and Grief : Verlies En Verdriet

Each of us at some phase in our lives will go through a process of loss and grief. It is a given universal human experience. Loss and grief are not only affect those who have lost a spouse or a loved one. They are terms that encompass many forms of loss such as loss ofContinue reading “Loss and Grief : Verlies En Verdriet”

The Importance of Continuing Education for the Therapist

Continuing education supports lifelong learning ensuring that the mental health professional remains a critical thinker who is well-equipped to provide quality care for their clients.

Why the Gingko Leaf Logo

Did you know that the Gingko tree has been with us for well over 200 million years?! You and I may consider this tree with its remarkable fan-shaped leaves a true survivor.  Over time it has survived all sorts of challenges: multiple ice ages, the impact of ginormous meteors, fires, and even the dinosaurs. ItContinue reading “Why the Gingko Leaf Logo”

What is the Difference between Psychotherapy and Counselling?

Despite the fact that the terms Counselling and Psychotherapy are used interchangeably – there are differences between the two. Counselling, often referred to as ‘talking therapy’ involves a conversation or series of conversations between the counsellor and client. It often focuses on a specific issue presented by the client and involves steps toward attempting toContinue reading “What is the Difference between Psychotherapy and Counselling?”

Lawyers Seeking Therapy or Counselling

The very nature of the legal profession makes it difficult for the lawyer to step back and ask for help – when your everyday life involves creating a perception of togetherness, strength, having the ‘smarts’ and being successful. At law school we are not taught how to look after ourselves while we carry out this sometimes very demanding work. Talking with someone who knows what you are experiencing can help to rebalance that imbalance.