2 x 2 Relationship Therapy

Miles & Daniels

2 x 2 Relationship Therapists

What is 2×2 Relationship Therapy?

Otherwise known as ‘co-therapy’.  We meet with couples two on two. So there are four of us in the room. This approach is used in both heterosexual and same sex relationships.

Did you know that on average couples wait about six unhappy years before they seek the help they seek help!

In my 2×2 Relationship Therapy I work alongside a Dutch cognitive psychologist, Annemarie Daniels (https://psycc.nl/mw-a-daniels/). We come from different therapeutic traditions. Working as a multi disciplinary team normalizes style differences. We are of the belief that the 2×2 therapy approach offers an effective and attractive alternative to traditional therapy counselling. We speak both Dutch and English during the sessions.

We have over 40 years of experience in providing mental health support to individuals and couples. As experienced therapists we can assist you by:

  • Providing feedback as an objective third party. …
  • Helping to mediate those uncomfortable conversations which ultimately lead toward growth in the relationship. …
  • Assisting you to explore your differing relationship values. …
  • Developing effective communication skills. …
  • Drawing your attention to the vulnerabilities in the relationship. …
  • Processing intimacy in a safe space. …

Advantages of 2 x 2 Relationship Therapy

There are several advantages in working this way:

  • Conflicts of interest are circumvented;
  • The practitioner avoids assuming the dual relationship of both individual and couples therapist;
  • Both partners are equally advantaged as the couples therapist is there for the couple;
  • Helps avoid therapist bias or perceptions by one partner that the other partner is being favoured so that both partners can feel equally supported;
  • Information shared in a one on one session is not accidentally leaked into a couples session, particularly if the therapist forgot that this information was shared individually, not in couples counselling;
  • Couple counselling can at times be quite challenging and it allows the therapists to support each other too;
  • Enables both therapists to have two sets of eyes and different perspectives on the issues;
  • It also allows one therapist to participate in the session while the other facilitates, coaches and observes.  




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